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Annette & Annabelle’s Baby Shower

My niece and nephew, Annette and Francisco are expecting a baby girl, and we joyfully gathered at La Palma Restaurant in Coral Gables to celebrate Annette and Annabelle’s Baby Shower.  It was a perfect Spring day and the courtyard was decorated with colorful watering cans filled with fresh Spring flowers and gardening tools.  Needless to say that in a family of photographers, a lot of photos were taken.  A big “THANK YOU” goes to my talented son, Chris Acuña for the photo coverage.  You can check his work out at Chris Acuña Photography.  Please enjoy the slideshow I have put together with some of the photos taken by Chris and by LolyPix. Congratulations to Francisco, Annette, and the entire family, but especially to my sister Ana, who is very excited about her first grandchild and to my parents, Aldo and Yeya on their first great-granddaughter.  Personally, I can’t wait to hold Annabelle!!!  She is going to be one spoiled little brat.  LOL.



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Thank you Chris for the beautiful photos and for putting up with all the “girly stuff”  You’re the best!



Adrian’s Newborn Portaits

I have enjoyed taking this family’s pictures for years, but this time our main focus was on the new addition to the family, baby Adrian.  What a perfect little angel!  His big brother, Alex is thrilled to have him around and mom and dad just couldn’t be happier with their beautiful boys.  Please enjoy the slideshow with some of the portraits taken at their home.  Congratulations!


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Marivi’s Baby Shower

I hadn’t been to the 94th Aero Squadron in years, and it brought back so many good memories.  This time around I was there to photograph Marivi’s baby shower.  First of all a big “thank you” to my friend and wonderful photographer, Melissa from Simply Captivating Photography for the referral.  Marivi is not only beautiful, but has a wonderful personality and a contagious laugh that makes being around her an absolute delight.  She is also a Virgo, like myself, so needless to say, we hit it off from the moment we spoke on the phone.  The theme of the shower was Dr. Seuss.  The decorations were colorful and fun, and everyone got into character as soon as they walked in.  We all wore red and white hats, enjoyed a nice lunch, played games and opened lots of nice presents.  Marivi was surrounded by family and a group of very fun friends who kept the party lively, I really enjoyed being there with all of them.  Everyone is very excited about baby boy Mason and can’t wait to meet him.  Congratulations to all!!!


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Vanessa’s Baby Shower

This baby shower was so adorable!  Bath time will definitely be one of baby Justin’s favorite time of day.  Vanessa and Alex had their baby shower at Alex’s parents’ home and they decorated the pool area with bright yellow rubber duckies and baby bath time favorites.  The center pieces were clever and fun and they were put together by Vanessa’s sister, Michelle, cousin Linette, and good friend Mirielle, from It is always such a pleasure for me to cover this group’s events.  I just love the dedication and love they put into making each occasion a special one for the person they love.  We are all very excited about Justin’s arrival in May, and can’t wait to meet the little guy.  He is already very loved.  Congratulations to Vanessa and Alex and the entire big group of family and friends.  XOXO.


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Valentine’s Day Picnic at the Park

Nicholas turned 8 months in February and we decided to take his photos at the park which has become one of his favorite places.  I can’t get over how grown Nicholas looks each time I see him and how much he enjoys everything around him, especially the swings.  I had fun during this shoot and can’t wait until he is running around doing more fun stuff.  By the way, Nicholas loves me and my camera, and I think he will miss me when we stop taking his photos every month.  Maybe we should just continue to do this until he is 18?  I’m just saying…lol


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