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Lily’s Bridal Shower

Lily celebrated her bridal shower last Saturday at Las Vegas Restaurant in Coral Gables with a nice gathering of ladies who enjoyed a fun afternoon, wonderful lunch, refreshing drinks, nice music and lots of planning for the upcoming wedding.  Lily and Felix will be tying the knot in September and there is much anticipation and excitement for the wedding.  Lily received lots of nice presents and she glowed with happiness.  It was all captured in the photos taken mostly by my son Chris, who did a wonderful job with the photos allowing me to enjoy the party.  Thanks Chris!   Congratulations to Lily, Felix and the family on this joyous occasion.  Here are a few of the pictures taken.

The invitation

The decorations

 Lily’s arrival

A little gossiping between cousins

Lily with her bridesmaids

Lily and Gaby


The beautiful ladies in Felix’s family

Felix filmed the entire event

Yeya loves Lily

Lily with mom and tia Tata

The presents

Olivia helped open presents

Special thanks to three wonderful guys, Daniel for delivering the beautiful invocation, Chris for the wonderful photos he took and Felix for videotaping the event, but most of all thank you for your patience and for putting up with a bunch of very excited ladies all afternoon.  Good job!!!!

“Thank you Chris”

Congratulations Lily, all my love, from “madrina”



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