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Ana & Michael’s Vows Renewal Ceremony

Ana and Michael are celebrating their twentieth wedding anniversary this month, and as a surprise to Ana, Michael planned their wedding vows renewal ceremony.  The celebration took place at Temple Menorah in Miami Beach where their family gathered to witness the event.  Ana and Michael stood under the “chuppah” just as they did twenty years ago, but this time they were surrounded by their children, Joel, Jordan and Rachel who joyfully watched as their parents reaffirmed their wedding vows, love, and commitment to one another.  Michael’s words were heartfelt and touching and Ana was just “speechless,” but she managed to say a few things that made Michael smile.  After the ceremony, they went on to enjoy a celebration dinner at a favorite restaurant.  I was happy to be there to capture some photos of the beautiful ceremony for them.  “Mazel Tov my friends!”

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